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As a corporate director of marketing and project management for over 30 years, I've been there. There are so many things and projects to juggle when running your own business. So many deadlines and tasks to complete. You come to realize that you cannot or don’t want to do every task yourself. It may be time to set up automation and systems or outsource to a Project Specialist (also known as a Virtual Assistant - shifting the paradigm).

P.S. It's About Time!

Hiii! My name is Pam. Are you feeling overwhelmed? You need to do all the things but also need ease and simplicity? Then, P.S.! it's Time to Set Your Business up for Success!

You may find that you are a wiz at figuring out the back-end of creating a launch, but is it really your passion?

Are you spending more time working "in" your business instead of "on" your business? This is where Time Creators come in.

I love to help spiritual coaches and healers create more time to focus on their purpose and zone of genius by helping them get things of their "to-do" list and creating systems. Think of me as your guiding light "behind-the-scenes," helping you pave a new path to more creative freedom!

Get Reflection Prompts That Really Work!

It's time to organize your thoughts and ditch the chaos. Reset your ease and flow because it’s about time, your time. A tool to guide you to becoming a time creator!

Time to Discover Your Organizing Personality Style!

In Numerology, your Ruling Number is the main influence on your personality. Discover what your Ruling Number means, how it can guide you along your path, and how it relates to your Business Organizing Style! Just click the button below to discover your unique personality!

The Benefits of  Automation & Outsourcing

Do you have processes set up? Having someone help you set up these automation tools and systems can make you feel more at ease.

Create More Time

Outsourcing work and setting up systems will give you more time. More time to work “on'' your business, not just “in” your business! This can mean more launches, more services, more clients...you get the idea. Another huge time creator is so you take care of yourself, spend time with family or take up a new hobby.

Launch New Programs With Ease

Launching that new course or product or bringing on a new coaching client can help you scale your business and make more money faster. If you’re currently so busy that you barely can write a social media post, how on earth are you supposed to also launch your ideas?

Time for More Focus

When you outsource or have systems in place, you have time to focus and sit down to work on what you love and what you’re really good at! Other things in your business will be happening without you - efficiently.

You Have a Support System

Perhaps you’re just tired of doing it all alone. As an entrepreneur, life can get lonely. After being in the corporate environment for 30 years - attending meetings, socializing with co-workers, and hosting community events, switching to staying home alone and working on my business day after day was a big adjustment and got lonely.  You have all of these ideas and just want to bounce them off of someone. Outsourcing to a project specialist can also be your support system and cheerleader!

Done-For-You Services

Outsourcing helps you grow and scale your business with ease AND brings back your creative spark! Bring on a project specialist (also known as a Virtual Assistant - we're shifting the paradigm!) to create more time and focus by getting things off your "to-do" list! Let the Time Creators team do the "behind-the-scenes" work! It's our "super power!"

  • Creation of lead magnets, e-books, course materials
  • Honeybook Client Management System Setup & Workflows
  • Kajabi Services - Course Creation through Launch & Management
  • Scheduling System Setup & Management
  • Business Organizing - Including Google Workspace applications
  • Facebook Group Management
  • Coaching and Project Management
  • Project Management systems setup and workflows

Experience Time Creators Programs & Coaching 

1:1 Coaching 

Group and Private coaching and Q&A sessions to guide you and answer any questions and help you find ease in tools and platforms and organizing your business that fits YOU!

Group Programs 

Become a Project Specialist - Setting You Up for       Success (also known as a Virtual Assistant!).       Learn how to support and be the behind the       scenes "superpower" for spiritual coaches and/or healers to bring ease to your business.  

Business Organizing Tools & Training

Learn business organizing platforms, and techy business tools with ease.

What Clients are Saying

Angela K.
The Intuitive Creatrix
Pam is an absolute organizational genius! Transitioning to working full time at home, and carving out space and creating a home office to work in full time had proved to be challenging. I was used to working my business in the evenings and weekends and so I had made "whatever" work for years. Now that it was time to really make my dreams work, I realized I wasn't equipped with a work space that was matched to my business. Pam took me from feeling overwhelmed to feeling empowered with a plan. She helped me release any judgement I had about the situation. She empowered me with easy plans that were cost effective. She thought of solutions that I hadn't thought of. She thought of questions I hadn't thought to ask of myself. I am so much better off since talking to Pam! I highly recommend her. Everyone I know has worked with her previously RAVES and now, I am added to the list of clients who can't say enough good things about her services!
Mark Anthony Lord
Author, Online Course Creator and Community Builder
From the first time I had the pleasure of working with Pam I knew that I got lucky!  She is smart, responsive, and a problem solver, which is exactly what I need as an entrepreneur in these ever-changing times.  Pam goes the extra mile, but what I am truly most grateful for is that I get to focus on the work I love to do and on sharing my gifts and talents, because she's got my business covered.  I cannot sing Pam's praises enough.  Really, she's amazing and my business is better because of her.
Janice H.
Online Marketing Strategist
The one thing you'll want to do in your business is set up your systems and processes. Pam clearly understands the process and can help you get it done so you can be more efficient with your time! I'm super happy and grateful that I found Pam! If you're looking for someone that is an expert at getting your business workflow automated, I highly recommend Time Creators Society with Pam. Thank you so much Pam!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which program is right for me?

This depends on your goals and where you are feeling you need the most support. Are you wanting to learn to set up a planning system or platform? Then group coaching or courses may be the way to go.

Do you want the systems and "all the things" set up for you? Let's chat about done-for-you-services and your needs.

Do you want to learn how to be a behind the scenes "super power" for spiritual coaches and healers and learn tools and platforms to bring ease for your clients? Then, the P.S. Become a Time Creator program is for you!

What can you offer that I cannot get elsewhere?

You get the guidance and support you need. We start with your mindset to break down the barriers when it comes to perception of support staff. Through Numerology, learn your organizing style and personality blueprint that will help you in your project specialist business. You also have access to me as your guide and coaching throughout each program.  Plus, the benefit of my 30 years of corporate background and experience.

How long do I have access to the course material(s)?

Done-For-You services are on a project and/or monthly basis. Try outsourcing a project for 30 days and see how it feels!

Courses and Programs - How does forever sound? Plus, you will have access to future program lesson recordings so you can go back and do a re-alignment and refresh.

Meet Pam

Hi! I'm Pam. Business Organization Strategist and Project Specialist. As an ex-corporate gal of over 30 years, I've been there. So many deadlines, meetings, projects and tasks to complete. In order to keep my sanity, I developed systems and tools to keep projects on track, and became the "go-to" gal for all things organizing. I've now integrated these strategies for my own business and clients. It’s my mission to provide support to healers and spiritual coaches to help them create more time to do the things they love. It’s also my goal to shift the paradigm and teach those who want to work behind the scenes that it’s a superpower to be able to lead and be the healer in the background.
Pam Walrod, Business Organization Coach &
Ex-Corporate Gal of 30 Years

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