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May 18 / Pam Walrod
How many hours a day or week do you spend doing all the tasks that need to be done, but aren’t actually the ones that directly build your business? They are essential tasks to grow your business and you most likely can do them with your eyes closed. Now, imagine how much time you’d save to create more time freedom if you weren’t manually doing these tasks? Think about how many projects you could finish, planning and course creation you could do! When you automate your business, this is possible! Let’s put some things on “autopilot!”

Ways to automate your business:

Seven Ways to Automate Your Business

Ways you can automate your business:

#1 Streamline your payment system - This can apply to digital products, services, products, etc. Using PayPal and manually invoicing is a great way to start out. But, as you grow and scale, setting up payment automations will help you grow your business faster and more efficiently. In my business, I use a system called Honeybook. When I enter a new client in the system, a workflow is triggered to send them invoices and reminders automatically. It’s been quite helpful. There are also workflows for collecting client information and sending emails and materials to your clients. I have an affiliate link. You receive 20% off of your first year!

#2 Set up a “one-stop” location for all of your business files, links, to-do’s, communication with team members, etc. I like to use Asana. Trello is great too. A good project management tool can save you a lot of time by integrating your calendar, setting up recurring tasks, etc.

#3 Choose an email marketing tool - There are many platforms out there that help you build your audience by collecting email addresses, etc. Setting up your email sequence one time, with tags, can save you a LOT of time. When someone opts in for one of your products, they automatically get a confirmation email, a welcome email with their download and they are now part of your email list (once you get their permission to send them emails, of course). ConvertKit is a great email marketing tool and is affordable. ConvertKit also has the ability for you to create landing pages and sell products. To create an account, here is my affiliate link:

#4 Create auto response emails. Do you answer a lot of the same questions over and over? You can create an auto responder within your email platform (I use Google Workspace) that answers your most frequently asked questions. It helps eliminate duplicate work and re-writing responses over and over.

#5 Set Up a scheduling system. I love Acuity as an online calendar and appointment scheduling platform. There is a free plan available with limited features. If you’d like to create and send out automatic reminders, I recommend upgrading to the $15/month plan.

#6 Set up your business email, calendar and file management system. I use Google Workspace. With Google Workspace you can have a professional email from your domain without needing a website. All you need to do is purchase a domain name and then connect it to Google Workspace. They walk you through how to create your email, etc. For $6 a month, you can have features and limited functions. If you invest $12 a month, you receive unlimited storage! My affiliate link for Google Workspace is: Use the Discount Code: YACMPTP4P7XNURW for the Business Starter Plan and FCHAEKJJ9PYXJLT for the Business Standard Plan. With these discount codes, you receive 10% off your first year.

Bonus Tip!

Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) helps you automate and save even more time. You also become efficient with the time you have. Processes will become quicker and you’ll feel even more confident about your business setup. Visit to learn more about the services offered or click here to set up a complimentary consultation.

Wrapping it Up...

By automating business tasks and setting up systems, you are saving yourself a lot of hours that really add up.  To get started, do an “audit” of all of the tasks you do each day and figure out how many of those you do more than once. Within a week, you’ll most likely have a pretty big list. From here you can take a look at what can be automated.  Then, reassess. Are there additional tasks you can now automate? Become a Time Creator!! Create time to focus on what you love to do most.  

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