Growing Your Business & Creating More Time With SOP’s

May 11 / Pam Walrod
When it comes to systems and processes, I guess you could call me a geek. I love setting them up and creating checklists, etc. It helps make a project manageable...and, you become very efficient when doing recurring projects and tasks. You also save a lot of time and you are ready to scale and outsource with ease. However, I will be the first to admit that creating SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) aren’t on the high priority list.  

First, remember that when you write out the steps, they don’t need to be typed out, formatted, and designed. The idea is to get the steps written down (or recorded) so you can then create and add them to your SOP Library. The paper, frankly, will look very messy (well, at least mine do!). There are arrows, notes, numbers all across the page and in the margins. That’s okay! Just get all the steps down on paper and worry about organizing them later.  Another way you can create your SOP’s is to use a video recording tool like Loom and talk through all the steps as you do them. Then, you can transcribe them into Google Docs. I’ve outlined ways that you can create a system for yourself that is easy to implement.

Steps #1-#5 to Creating SOP's With Ease.

Step #1

  • Create a Google Sheet that will serve as your Table of Contents and SOP Library and database. 

  • Review your business goals, daily tasks, upcoming projects, etc., and start categorizing them and writing down the SOP’s you need to get written.

  • Add columns to your Google sheet - Number, Title (Number = SOP001-TC, SOP100-TC, SOP200-TC). Your SOP numbers will link to the actual SOP document.

  • Create categories for your SOP’s on your Google Sheet - SOP000 - Time Creators Business, SOP100 - Project Specialist, SOP200 - Blog, SOP300 -  Social Media, etc.)

  • Then start writing down your ideas, projects, and tasks that need SOP’s. As you create them, add a number for the appropriate category and start creating!

Step #2

  • Develop a Google Doc template for writing your actual SOP. Include the Title, Resources Need, Roles/Responsibilities, Step-by-Step of the process, Last Edited

  • In most cases, I like to create my SOP’s as “checklists” with checkboxes of the steps summarized so that I can use the template when working on that project. You can do this in a project management tool like Asana or Trello or even a Google Sheet, whatever feels good to you.

Step #3

  • Begin with your current processes. Even though you may not have created an actual SOP, you have a plan for recurring tasks, even if the steps are in your head. 

Step #4

  • Include links to any graphics, images, screenshots, etc. that will help make the SOP crystal clear

Step #5

  • Use the SOP and cross-check. Are there any steps missing? Are there steps that could be eliminated?

  • Update the SOP as needed (Be sure to include the “Last Edit” date so you know what version you are working with.

  • BONUS TIP - Did you know that in Google Docs (and Sheets), you can click on “File” on the Menu, “Version History,” “See Version History.” It pulls up all of the document versions you’ve saved. If you make a mistake or are looking for a step you accidentally deleted, just find the version and copy it to your current version. Woo Hoo!

    Now you are on your way to creating your business processes and systems! Yay! Remember that it will take time to get your SOP Library up and running. They are not all going to get written in one day. On an Administration day for your business, you can set aside time to work on them. If you write out the messy rough draft as you are doing the project/task, you can then go back and create your SOP or checklist. You can also outsource to a project specialist to write out your SOP’s for you. The idea is to have your processes documented in such a way that you can easily outsource, scale your business and grow a team. Visit for other tips and tools on the blog “Time With Pam.”  Did you know that your Ruling Number In Numerology, is the main influence on your personality? As a number that is reflective of your birthdate, it never changes. 

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