Creating an Organized Workspace Helps Your Energy and Focus

Mar 10 / Pam Walrod

Let me start by describing my workspace. It is in the living room, right next to the front door. We removed all of the furniture in the living and dining rooms (except my grandma’s dining table, which becomes perfectly compact by removing the leaves and collapsing the ends).  We turned this area into my workspace and my son’s homeschool space. Although with the current situation, we don’t have many visitors to our home, my work area is still something you see every time you walk past the front door or come down the stairs. So, I’ve learned to minimize what I have on my desk and in my office area so it is somewhat neat and tidy. I also discovered that it helps me to be more productive because I am not distracted by a lot of clutter.

When your office space is cluttered, it can become frustrating and kind of stressful. You may also feel like you’re not getting anything done because you keep seeing “piles” of other work just sitting there. But, when your office is organized, you limit the number of distractions and it can increase your ability to focus your energy on the task at hand better. It frees up your mind and can transform your energy into creative, inspired action work time. You may also find that you get more things done in less time because you are able to focus. Another benefit of an organized office is that you know where everything you need is and it’s close at hand, thus increasing your efficiency.  Oh and another thing that I found is that when my office supplies are organized, I don’t keep buying the same thing over and over because I can’t find it or forgot I had it in the first place!

So what does organizing your office look like?

Getting rid of things that don’t need to be there is a big one. When my office gets cluttered, I like to remove everything from my desk and area and in essence, “start over.” It gives me a chance to go through any paperwork that I can get rid of (recycle), projects that have gathered, and figure out “homes” for what’s remaining.  My office space is pretty small. I have a desk, a small bookshelf, and a “rolling cart” with supplies and work-related essentials. When the bookshelf starts to get full, I go through and remove any outdated materials, file away the material if I’m not using it, or get rid of it. When I first started doing this, I’d discover “boxes” with duplicate items in them because I purchased them again so I’ve learned to keep a minimalistic approach to my workspace and make it functional in a way that works for me. It’s a good idea to put like items in groups. For example, grouping your writing instruments, notebooks, reference materials, etc. into piles. Now that you have your “stuff” sorted, go through each pile and figure out how frequently you use these items. This will help you organize that best fits you and your energy. It needs to be workable for YOU. If you set up your office like I do mine, it most likely won’t work because we have different needs and we’re different people. Now that you have sorted your essentials office supplies by type and how often you use them, it’s time to figure out a home for them. You’ll want items you use daily closest to you, then items you use weekly somewhat accessible and store anything else you haven’t or don’t use (which for me, is the craft room cabinet upstairs).

For smaller items that I’m not ready to store upstairs and I still don’t want them visible, I like to use photo boxes (you could use shoe boxes too) to store items. I grab a few when they are on sale at the local craft store. These photo boxes usually have a design on them and so you can add it to your bookshelf or storage shelf, if you have one, and the “clutter” is hidden with a nicely decorated box.

For my current desk (which is my dad’s old office desk), there are six drawers!!!! The depth of the top two on each side is smaller and the next two drawers get bigger and the final two drawers are file drawer size. Moving to this desk (I used to have a desk with no drawers), has in itself helped me to be more organized. How you organize your supplies will depend upon your space. Do you have shelving or drawers? Do you have a desk with storage? Having my supplies sorted by how often I use them definitely helped me decide what drawer each item (or group of items) could go.

A tip is when you’re setting up your office organization system, try it out for a week or two and see how you like it before you invest in organizing supplies like drawer dividers, containers, stackable boxes, etc. You get the idea. I’ve saved a lot of money doing this from learning the hard way. I used to go into “get organized” mode and go online and order boxes, desk sorters, trays, bins, etc., and then organize my office area. I would then discover that I didn’t need most of what I bought (or that it wouldn’t fit in my space).

As I talked about at the very beginning, my office area is in the living room. So what I keep on my desk or what is visible is kept to a minimum. I also homeschool my son so we have his school books and desk in the living/dining room area too. I have my desk with a bookshelf behind me and a wire “board” where I can keep decorations, etc. Next to me on the side farthest from the door, I have a rolling cart that has three baskets. Whenever possible, I like the baskets to have as little as possible or nothing at all. For me, this is a sign I’ve gotten organized when the baskets aren’t full of stuff!!! During a Black Friday sale, I found a shelf that was made for the top basket of the rolling cart, which turns it into a shelf top for my inbox organizer so it’s not on my desk (it was becoming a distraction when I would see it). I also have a lamp on my desk as the area I’m in is not well lit. My laptop, keyboard, mouse, mousepad, microphone, a coaster, and of course, the crystals I’m currently working with, and my cell phone and holder are on my desk and that’s it.

I try my best to keep it that way. On Fridays, which I have named “Tidy Friday,” I will do a quick clean-up and put away anything that doesn’t belong on my desk. For my desk drawers, I keep my most used items in the top drawers. This includes my stapler, scissors, writing utensils, and tape. When I worked in the corporate realm, I would have all of these items out on the top of my desk. When I put them away, it created some space. Albeit, a small amount, but every little bit counts! I use one of the file drawers for some of the bigger items that I want accessible but put away. In one of the drawers, I keep my oracle and Tarot cards, reference books, candles so I can get to them easily.

My bookshelf is “cubby” style so again, it’s visible. I use baskets or photo boxes to put items in and organize any binders and books on the bottom shelves. Something else I have found helpful is to keep any printed materials or reference information for courses I’m taking in a binder with tabs separating the type of content. When it’s time for class or time to work on that project, I can just pull the binder from my shelf and it’s organized and ready to go!

The key is to do what works for you and feels good energetically to you. The more you can de-clutter your workspace, the more productive you feel. Keep in mind that you may have more or less or different types of supplies than me. Also, you may not have a desk with drawers (like my previous desk) so your organizing may look different. In fact, your setup probably looks a lot different but hopefully, these tips have helped bring your creative inspiration to life with ideas that can help you have an organized workspace. Oh, and keeping it that way. Keeping it organized in however best feels good to you allows you to create more time to work on your business.

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