Organizing and Planning Using Numerology

Apr 6 / Pam Walrod
Let’s be up front here. I always struggled with math in school. In fact, I didn’t really like math. What I realized later was that I disliked math, but actually loved numbers. Numbers really have so much more meaning than what it's commonly associated with. I love organizing and systems. Did you know you can use Numerology to help you organize your business?  It is super helpful! 

First, let’s talk about what Numerology is. Numerology is an ancient system that helps you to navigate your life path through your numbers. In Numerology, your Ruling Number is the main influence on your personality. As a number that is reflective of your birthdate, it never changes. Each day of the year has a Universal Energy with corresponding energies and frequencies. Do you want to know your Ruling Number and what it means for you and your organizing style?  Just click this link to discover a guide personalized to you!
Knowing what to expect on a certain day can help you decide how to proceed with your business like when to plan content, when to set up systems, when you plan to launch, and just about anything you can think of.

I use Numerology to help me organize and plan for my business. Let’s look at the date of this Blog article - April 6, 2021. What is the Universal Energy of the day and what activities are suggested on this day? Will reaching out to new people be good for this day?

The month is April, which is the 4th month = 4The day is 06 = 0 + 6 = 6The year is 2021 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5Add up the digits of all of these numbers: 4 + 0 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 15 (break down to 1 digit = 6)So the universal energy of April 6, 2021 is 6.

Hmmm...Now you may be wondering what this means? A Universal Day Energy 6 in Numerology is associated with harmony, balance, collaboration, abundance, and ease. It’s also a day for creativity and inclusiveness. It’s a great day to take care of the home and family and do something creative. You can be nurturing. It’s not a day to start new relationships or projects. Take some time to learn more about an interest like listening to a podcast, reading an article, or catching up on a course you purchased.

Let’s break down each Universal Energy Day and see what energy it brings, how this ties in and influences create ways for you to plan the day accordingly.

Universal Day Energy Meanings

Day Energy 1

A Day of Initiative
This will be a busy day filled with big decisions and new beginnings. 

Day Energy 2

A Day of Peace and Harmony
Make compromises, just listen. Pay attention to details, wait patiently, study, go with the flow, form partnerships and be sensitive. 

Day Energy 3

A Day of Accomplishment
Hang out with friends, network, share a few laughs, and socialize! Let your imagination and creativity take you places. 

Day Energy 4

A Day of Routine, Organization & Productivity
A great day to get things done/complete tasks, organizing your files, a good day to set up system Review content, to do lists, etc. 

Day Energy 5

A Day of Change
A good day for content - Rreceive inspiration & ideas; publishing (or scheduling for publication) on this day attracts maximum eyeballs.

Day Energy 6

A Day of Abundance 
This is a day for creating peace and harmony and for dealing with domestic matters. 

Day Energy 7

A Day of Inner Knowing/Intuition
This is a day for you alone. Meditate, do yoga, go for a walk alone, or curl up with your favorite book. 

Day Energy 8

A Day For Manifestation
This is your power day. Take charge, make big decisions, expand your thinking, and get things done. 

Day Energy 9

A Day of Transformation/Transmutation
Make time for yourself. Within the whole process of time management, finding space for rest, distraction and relaxation is essential. 
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