Transform a Messy Desk Into a Fun, Stylish Area

Feb 10

So, a messy desk. Did you know that having an organized desk actually helps you feel empowered and creates a mindset shift?  

First, you want to do a complete clean sweep of your desk by taking everything off (and empty your desk drawers if it’s been awhile since you’ve been through them). You could have boxes or bins and put the things you want to keep in one, the things you want to remove from your desk in another and then one for things that you just need to get rid of.  You can keep your computer or your laptop any electronics plugged in because you can work around those. A side note - make sure that you have those set up in a space that is really easy for you to use that is ergonomic (you should be able to reach out your arm and touch your computer screen).  

I know I can relate to this. There is a tendency for us to have a lot of personal things in our work space and on our desk like pictures of the family, trinkets, crystals, candles, etc. One way you can help declutter your desk, but still have flair, is to have your office supplies match your personal style and maybe your favorite colors (or brand colors). So for example, your mouse and your mouse pad. If you love blue, maybe you have a blue mouse and mousepad. If you love the ocean, maybe a beach mousepad. You can also get one of those mousepads where you can insert your own personal photos or have them printed with your favorite photo on it. This can eliminate the amount of picture frames on your desk and pictures stuck in nooks and crannies by your lamps, etc.

Next, is your stapler. You can get a stapler in your favorite color rather than standard black or silver. It can give your desk a little personal style and it's something useful that you're going to have on your desk anyway. Your tape dispenser is another item you can personalize with your favorite color. I like using an organizing caddy to save room on my desk. You can play around with the items you have on top of your desk and which ones you want to keep in a drawer or in an organizing caddy, etc. It’s about your functionality  and what works for you. Making sure you have the items you use all the time close to you and if for example, you put them in a drawer, use the top drawer and arrange so items you need a lot are closer to you. You want it comfortable and fun for you, but also trying to take up less space at the same time.

Another thing you can have fun with and customize is a desk calendar. There are calendars that have a motivational quote for the day and some have a place for post-it notes, etc. It gives your desk a little flair and they come in so many different designs and themes. So that's kind of fun. The other thing you can do is use a file sorter / desk organizer combo. I love file sorters. I found one at Costco that was relatively inexpensive. It has a place for files, three “slideable” inbox trays, two basket caddies, a mail sorter, a place for paper clips - it’s really pretty handy and because it has everything in one, it takes up a lot less space on my desk and keeps everything I need near me.

You could also put up a cork board or white board near you (depending on how your workspace is set up) to use for that important information or reference materials you want to keep track of. You could even put your calendar on that.  You can add pictures. It’s also kind of fun to decorate it by putting a border and holiday-themed decorations. Again, gives your area some flair and it’s more personalized. 

A budget-friendly way to try out organizing with style is to use what you already have at home or DIY your items. You can decorate empty cans for pencil holders, put ribbon or stickers on mason jars, cut boxes and use washi tape. You get the idea. This way, you’re not spending money on organizing tools that may not work for you.

I thought I’d get your creative juices flowing by finding ways to make your desk and work area fun and personal, but also functional and comfortable for you. You want to have plenty of room to get your work done, but also a space you like the feel of. We want to enjoy our work time too, right?

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