What Can You Outsource and Why Would You Want To?

Apr 13 / Pam Walrod

Can you relate?

  • You have those "I know I need to do them but...I don't have the time" tasks on your to-do list.

  • You sometimes feel overwhelmed because you don't have a plan for your time and where to begin

  • You have all the things “behind-the-scenes” tasks you need to get done for your business and you are working so much to keep up rather than focusing on growing and scaling your business

  • You have a new course or service idea, but you're so tired after working on your business, forget taking time to brainstorm   

As a corporate director of marketing and project management for over 30 years, I've been there. There are so many things and projects to juggle when running your own business.  So many deadlines and tasks to complete. You come to realize that you cannot or don’t want to do every task yourself. It may be time to set up automations and/or outsource to a Project Specialist (also known as a Virtual Assistant - shifting the paradigm).

Here are the top signs that you may need to outsource some of your tasks or automate more of your processes:

You feel overwhelmed and it’s taking forever to complete tasks. You are working long hours on your business but feel like you are on a hamster wheel that you can’t get off of.  

There are tasks you avoid because, well, you just don’t like them. You may be procrastinating or waiting until the last minute because frankly, you’re tired and/or the task just doesn’t get you into inspired action.

Maybe there is a platform you don’t know how to use. You’ve downloaded the freebies and taken courses to learn, but you don’t have time for that either. It may be time to outsource to a project specialist.

You want to build a team but need help getting started. How do you explain everything about your business to someone? A project specialist can help get your processes and systems in place so when you do outsource, you’ll be ready with ease.

There are also some big benefits of outsourcing and setting up automations and systems. 

Create More Time. Outsourcing work and setting up systems will give you more time. More time to work “on'' your business, not just “in” your business! This can mean more launches, more services, more clients...you get the idea. Another huge time creator is so you take care of yourself, spend time with family or take up a new hobby. 

Launch New Ideas With Ease. Launching that new course or product or bringing on a new coaching client can help you scale your business and make more money faster. If you’re currently so busy that you barely can write a social media post, how on earth are you supposed to also launch your ideas?

Time for More Focus. When you outsource or have systems in place, you have time to focus and sit down to work on what you love and what you’re really good at! Other things in your business will be happening without you - efficiently.

You have a support system. Perhaps you’re just tired of doing it all alone. As an entrepreneur, life can get lonely. After being in the corporate environment for 30 years - attending meetings, socializing with co-workers and hosting community events, switching to staying home alone and working on my business day after day was a big adjustment and got lonely.  You have all of these ideas and just want to bounce them off of someone. Outsourcing to a project specialist can also be your support system and cheerleader!

Now, you may be thinking, I’m just not ready to outsource yet. Perhaps you are not sure you are ready to bring on a project specialist on a monthly retainer basis. That’s okay. There are projects and tasks you can outsource to help set you up to feel more ease and it gives you an opportunity to “practice” outsourcing - how it feels, figure out what type of assistance you’re looking for and so much more.

There are tasks or projects you may not have thought about outsourcing but can set you up for success even if you decide to go it alone for a while longer.  Do you have processes set up? Having someone help you set up automation tools and systems can make you
feel more in flow such as:

  • Setting up systems to help you automate your content flow process like Asana, Honeybook (for client management and automation) and Acuity Scheduling

  • Creating SOPs (standard operating procedures) for your tasks so it makes it second nature to get your project done efficiently AND when you do decide to outsource, the “how-to” is already done! 

  • Creating opt in and course workbooks, worksheets and e-books and getting your opt in page and email sequences up and running so you start generating leads automatically

  • Email and File Management - Organizing your Google Drive and GMail to set you up for success

  • Teaching you a platform with all the tips and tricks to get you going

  • Creating graphics and scheduling out your Facebook group content

  • Helping you with customer service questions 

The key to helping you build confidence in outsourcing is to start small - maybe with one of the tasks listed above. Chances are, the person you’re bringing on loves doing these tasks and being “behind-the-scenes'' - it’s their superpower! When you have help with “all the details” of your business, it is possible for you to work less and create time for you to do what you really love...and get that new product you’ve been wanting to implement happen faster!  It can make it easier for you to take time off knowing your business is still being managed or simply spend your working hours getting a new project off the ground.

Are your wheels turning? Are you thinking about what you can outsource to help you in your business right now? It just may be worth taking a look at.  Let’s chat and see how outsourcing may be able to help you. Book a complimentary call or visit my website, www.timewithpam. and check out other business organizing blog posts.

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