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Setting Up Google Workspace 

Did you catch my free training Live in The Co-Op Facebook Community? Learn step-by-step how to set up Google Workspace in minutes! Upgrading to Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) allows you to have a professional, domain-branded email that shows you mean business! It's is easy, affordable AND doesn't require that you have a website!

This course consists of "short", step-by-step training videos to follow along to get your Google Workspace set up with ease. The training is designed for you to follow along to get your account set up in no time! 

Benefits of Using Google Workspace vs. A Personal Email Account

Google Workspace is a full suite of intuitive apps with AI that allows you to collaborate, connect and keep-up-to-date with team members and clients all in one location. It’s all the tools you love, only connected in a way that allows you more ease in running your business. But why upgrade?

  Domain-branded, professional email

  Keeps you out of Spam and Junk folders

 Create a positive first impression

  Website not required

  You own your email and take it with you where ever you go

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Pam Walrod

Business Organizer,
Project Specialist
As an ex-corporate gal of over 30 years, I've been there. So many deadlines, meetings and tasks to complete. In order to keep my sanity, I developed systems and tools to keep projects and tasks on track, and became the "go-to" gal for all things organizing. I've now integrated these strategies for my own business and clients. 

It’s my mission to provide support to healers and spiritual coaches to help them create more time to do the things they love. It’s also my goal to shift the paradigm and teach those who want to work behind the scenes that it’s a superpower to be able to lead and be the healer in the background.
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